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We have had multiple reports of an APX-type summer sales program hitting Massachusetts.  APX Alarm Security, out of Provo, Utah, sends van loads of fresh-faced college boys to different areas around the country.  Groups of these kids blanket neighborhoods that have been identified as demographically attractive, and according to reports, they go door-to-door with high pressure sales tactics (scare tactics) selling alarms.  Elderly residents are allegedly a favorite target, for all the obvious reasons. These sales reps push hard for the homeowner to sign a contract on the spot, even if there is already an alarm system on premise.  Reportedly, once the contract is signed and a minimal deposit changes hands, an installer shows up within minutes!  The tech then installs a simple, wireless system, (disconnecting the existing alarm if there is one), gets the customerís signature, and leaves.
More than a few times, in the wake of this sell/install/retreat blitzkrieg, there remains a customer who is legally obligated to pay for two alarm systems, the one he already had, and the one just installed!
Last summer in Lawrence, MA the local police were successful getting these people out of their town because APX did not meet the local sales regulations.  Some time back in Rhode Island, the state took measures to stop this program.
Those of you who have monitored accounts may want to consider contacting your clients to warn them of this activity.
Items of Note:
1.    APX is listed on the state website as APX Alarm Security Solutions, Inc., License No. 1471C, held by Stephen B. Coppola.
2.    There are other companies that use this method; be alert.
If you know or hear of this activity in your area, please contact the Lepore Protective Service at  781-344-3680.


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